Wood Display Shelves

Wood display shelves are a simple and attractive way to decorate your wall while at the same time displaying your treasures. There are no limits to the size, variety, color or placement of a wood display shelf. From a simple piece of wood with 2 L-brackets to a hand-crafted red oak shelf with inlays, there are endless possibilities.

As a first step, take a look at what's available and make notes on what you like and don't like. That will make it much easier for you to narrow down your search for the perfect shelving solution. Take into consideration whether you want a wall shelf or a freestanding unit, the color range you prefer, the measurements, and the cost of each item you are considering.

The type of wood you choose will determine the cost. Simple MDF wood display shelves won't set you back very much. Whole wood shelves with hand-carved detail would, of course, be more expensive but you can still find bargains if you shop around.

Since wood is so versatile, you can match the style of the shelves to the collection. A Pez candy dispenser collection will probably look out of place on ornamental shelves, while glass figurines would match perfectly.

Real Wood Display Shelves

Real wood display shelves look authentic, classy, and elegant. In short, they shouts quality. If you're interested in real wood, you have a lot of beautiful, stylish choices available. From more traditional designs to ultra-modern, you can find great shelves that match your decor and personal taste.

If you are in the market for something traditional, take a look at this hand-finished all wood display unit. It comes fully assembled, and features 8 multi - sized compartments, 2 sliding drawers, and 2 doors.

Staying with the traditional theme for a moment, we'd like to suggest a unit that is similar in design to the one mentioned above, but it has display shelves on the bottom as well, instead of cabinets. This black multi-compartment wood display unit features 11 multi - sized compartments and 2 sliding drawers for storing smaller items.

Angling towards a unit that's a little more modern, here's a striking all-wood modular display shelf that has 12 compartments of varying sizes, all coming together in a beautiful and stylish unit. It's also available in black or white.

Leaving traditional design behind, we've found 3 ultra-modern designs of wooden display shelves that are truly eye-popping.

First up is a 3-piece modular unit that is perfect for displaying photos and figurines. An added feature is that you can take the three pieces apart and design your own unit.

Next up is this

crescent-shaped display unit that is the perfect piece for family rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms. This display unit has many multi - sized compartments for displaying photographs, figurines and trinkets. This beautiful wooden display unit is hand crafted and sure to add that modern flair.

Last up for today folks is a cool combo of modern, traditional and asian styles. Take a look at this classy vase-shaped wood display shelf. This hand-crafted piece would look great in any living room or dining room, showing off your prized posessions and favorite photos.

Make Your Own Shelves

If you can't find exactly what you want online, you should definitely consider making your own display shelves. You don't even need to have any woodworking experience. Make a visit to your local lumber yard with the measurements of your shelves. You'll be able to take a look at all the woods available and get your shelves cut to order. You can even ask for special features such as routed edges, raised edging and fretwork.

You can either get your shelves finished at the lumber yard, or leave the wood naked and stain or paint it yourself. This gives you the opportunity to add a personal finishing touch for a one-of-a kind display.

Your lumber yard may also offer a range of shelf brackets for you to choose from. There are many styles available, from fretwork to wood, brass and even wrought iron.

The Hardware Hut has an extensive range of decorative shelf brackets. If you're looking for something warmer and homier, wood brackets are available from The Shelf Factory. They sell a range of unfinished wood brackets which you can stain to match your shelves.

Themed Display Shelves

Wooden display shelves are also available in a variety of themes. You can findshelves designed in the shape of a lighthouse (complete with working light), and airplanes.

Victorian Display Shelves

Victorian display shelves are a great example of how the brackets enhance the beauty of the shelf. The Victorian Woodshop produces reproduction Victorian display shelves which include gorgeous fretwork. They're made from whole wood, in a variety of finishes. If you want a more traditional or antique look, these shelves might be your answer.

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