Wall-Mounted Curio Cabinets

A Guide to Wall-Mounted Curio Cabinets-Great For Display at Eye Level

Wall-mounted curio cabinets are a great and elegant way to display plates, vases, or small collections at eye level.

While it's obvious that a wall-mounted curio cabinet cannot hold as much as a full-size floor model, there are some units available that actually can hold quite a bit.

The great advantage of a cabinet mounted on the wall is security. Since all curio cabinets are made with glass, they are exposed to accidental breakage and to children. A wall-mounted unit, however, is up and away from the kids. When mounted over a couch or other furniture, or above a fireplace it is even more protected, and less exposed to accidents.

Since these cabinets are smaller, you have a lot more flexibility in deciding where to put them. They look great on almost any wall, and they are a lot more eye-catching on a wall than a regular picture. Narrow hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, and stairs would all benefit from a wall-mounted curio cabinet.

These cabinets don't even have to be mounted on the wall. Many of the units that we've seen are also designed to rest on an existing shelf or mantel. They come with a specially designed "no-tip" base to avoid accidents.

Where To Find Wall-mounted Curio Cabinets

When looking for wall-mounted curio cabinets online, we didn't find that many available. We did find a site with hundreds of curio cabinets in all sorts of styles and shapes, plus a dedicated page with wall-mounted curio cabinets. Take a look and see if you find something you like.

If you don't find what you're looking for, try our page on curio cabinets. Here you'll find tons of info and suggestions.

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Montreal Wall Curio Cabinet

This versatile wall cabinet has acanthus leaf molding on the pediment and reeded columns at the sides. The glass-mirrored back beautifully reflects each collectible. Access your collectibles through a hinged, front door Features: -Mount on the wall or set on a mantel or bookcase with a specially designed “no-tip" base -Finished in Golden Oak on select hardwoods and veneers

Curio Cabinet Wall Clock

Seiko Curio Cabinet Wall Clock.Curio Clock. Dark Brown Solid Oak Case. Pendulum. Glass Cabinet Doors. Westminster/Whittington Quarter-Hour Chime,Hourly Strikes. Volume Control. Nighttime Chime Silencer. One ''C'' Battery Included.

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