Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shelves

Find Out How To Enhance Your Bathroom and Increase Storage Space

Most bathrooms aren't that big. They also don't usually have a lot of open floor space. This is where wall-mounted bathroom shelves come in very handy. They provide you with more storage space in your bathroom, without taking up too much space or crowding the floor.

When deciding what type of bathroom shelves are best for you, take into consideration the current state of your bathroom. Is it cluttered? Do you have enough storage space for non-display items like extra rolls of toilet paper, towels, or toothpaste? On the other hand, would you like to enhance your bathroom with displays? Have you seen nice figurines, vases or other objects that would brighten up your bathroom?

There are 2 main types of wall-mounted bathroom shelves. There are the shelves that are more designed for storage, and the shelves that are better for display. The former are usually deeper, and in many cases they come with doors to enclose them. These types of shelves are more often made of wood.

Display shelves, on the other hand, tend to be shallower, open, and made of metal, glass, or a combination of the two. It's important for you to know what type you need beforehand, since most bathrooms aren't very large, and wall space is limited. If it's important to you to have both types of shelving in your bathroom, but you don't have a lot of space, consider purchasing a larger storage bathroom shelf unit, and a smaller display shelf, so that you can have both without overloading your walls. If you put up too many shelves it will feel uncomfortable and "crowded" in your bathroom.

Finding Bathroom Storage Shelves and Display Shelves

When looking for wall-mounted bathroom shelves, we took into account style, design and variety. We came up with the following links that we feel represent a good choice of well designed bathroom shelves, that answer the needs of most people looking for bathroom shelving solutions.

If you need a lot of storage in your bathroom, then you can find sprinkled through this page a nice choice of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets in different colors and styles. Some of these cabinets come with louver or glass doors and also towel racks mounted underneath.

We found a site with LOTS of bathroom display shelves. Here you'll find 5 pages filled with examples of glass and metal bathroom display shelves. There are single tier, dual tier, 3 tier, corner shelves, shaped, and chrome shelves. You'll find a huge variety here, take a look.

On another site, we found some similar items, but also other types of bathroom display shelves in metal, and another one with a stone shelf and a wrought iron frame underneath. Also, we found a 6-tier iron shelf. Take a look.

Sometimes, simple is best. We found a site that has only 5 examples of glass display shelves, but we really liked them. They are small, and come in different shapes including rectangles, curved, squares and triangles. Also, the brackets used to hold them up are near invisible, so the shelves appear to float. See if you agree that these wall-mounted corner glass bathroom display shelves would make a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

If you haven't found anything that works for you on this page, take a look at our page on bathroom shelves. There's a lot more information on our pages to take a look at.

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