Wall Mounted TV Shelves

Put Your TV on the wall wherever you want and out of the way.

With wall mounted TV shelves you can put your TV on the wall anywhere you choose. They are made to hold most TV's, even those that weigh in excess of 160 pounds. Most TV wall mounts swivel and tilt, letting you adjust the TV to any angle you want. This can be very useful in a room like the kitchen or bedroom, where floor space is limited.

The downside to a wall mounted TV shelf is the wiring. Most plugs are not placed high up on the wall, not to mention a connection to cable TV. You have 2 choices. Either choose a location for the wall mounted TV shelf not too far from an electrical point/cable access, or have an electrician install extra points for you. Of course, the second option is better since you can hide all the wiring behind the TV, but it'll cost you to do it. If you go with the first idea, you might want to look into ways to hide the wires. Just by painting them the same color as the wall they'll blend in much better.

Where to Find TV Wall Mounts

When choosing a TV wall mount make sure that it is rated for the size and weight of your TV. Also, some of the wall mounted TV shelves have optional VCR shelves that attach to the bottom of the mount. The mounts are listed in 2 categories, bracket and platform.

Of course, The wall mounts mentioned above are for the older CRT TVs. LCD wall mounts and plasma screen wall mounts are a whole different matter.

There are the simpler mounts that hold your screen on the wall, and for most applications that'll be enough. If you want more flexibility, you can install a screen mount that extends out, as well as tilts and swivels. As with the CRT TV mounts, these mounts are rated by the size and weight of screen that they are designed to hold. Make sure that you don't make any mistakes when ordering!

If your TV is too large for a wall mounted TV shelf, take a look at other options in our complete guide to TV shelving

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Neo-Flex LCD Arm

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