Built In Media Storage Solution

A Creative Idea For Storing Video Cassettes and Discs

Here's a great idea that we found for media storage. The owners wanted their VHS tapes stored next to the TV, but the problem was the depth of the shelf. A shelf as deep as a standard TV is way too deep to hold one row of tapes, and if you double them up then you can't see the back row. In order to solve this shelving problem the owners had their carpenter build the shelf pictured below.

Here's the cabinet door built into the wall unit

Here's the cabinet opened with the video library inside

Notice that the door itself holds a shelf of tapes (you can do this too with DVD's) and that way you have complete access to all of your tapes. What's more, this solution is child-friendly, and when the door is closed no one even knows that the tapes are there.

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