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Audio, TV and DVD Shelves for Your Stereo and Home Theater Systems

So What's A Media Shelf?

Media shelves come in two types. Firstly, there are specially designed shelves which house all of the electronic components for your home theater and stereo system. Secondly. there are media shelves built to store your DVDs, CDs and video cassettes.

It used to be that the "home entertainment center" was nothing more than a TV with a rabbit ear antenna on top of a borrowed coffee table. Today, with the arrival of massive TVs, surround sound stereo systems and multimedia gadgets galore, you need proper shelving to hold it all.

There so are many media shelves and cabinets out there, it's difficult to know which one to choose. We've created a list of the important elements to look for in a quality media shelving unit.

What To Look For In A Good Media Shelving Unit for Components

  • Holes and tracks for running wiring between the components.
  • Ample space on each shelf for the VCR, DVD, amplifier, cable reception boxes (set-top boxes) and other components.
  • Removable back panels, and reinforced adjustable shelves to easily access and connect the equipment
  • Discreet tracks to hide all those unsightly cables.
  • Good stability. (Not only will a shaky stereo shelf vibrate and ruin the sound, it will actually damage your expensive equipment.)
  • Good ventilation for proper cooling of all those heat-generating components.

Don't underestimate the importance of good ventilation. All those gadgets working to please you generate a lot of heat. Without good air circulation your pricey gear will be toast. As a rule, the cooler the environment the better it is for your electronics.

The Best Way to Store and Display Your Discs

CD Storage Shelves

Depending on the size of your collection, you can either store your CDs alongside your stereo system, or display them in an attractive wall unit. As your collection grows you can add more wall units or you may want to consider a floor-standing unit. These can hold upwards of 1500 CDs or 700 DVDs.

DVD Shelves

It's becoming more and more common for people to own hundreds and even thousands of DVDs. Proper storage and display of movie collections is a must. See what we recommend when looking for the best DVD shelves for you.

Electronic Media Shelving Ideas

There are so many possibilities out there for stereo, home entertainment and TV shelving. We've put together a guide for choosing the best solution for you.

TV Stands and Shelves

There are lots of TV shelves out there, find out about what's available and how to choose.

Corner TV Stands and Shelves

Putting your TV in a corner changes the whole feel of your room. Here are creative ideas and a guide to corner TV shelves.

TV Swivel Shelves

Put a little swing into your TV. A TV swivel shelf lets you turn your TV to the angle you want. See what's available

Wall Mounted TV Shelves

A Wall Mounted TV Shelf gives you the freedom to put your TV wherever you want on your wall.

TV Top Shelves

Here's a twist, instead of putting your TV on a shelf, you can put a shelf on your TV. What a cool idea!

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