Laundry Shelves

Find great shelves and storage solutions for your laundry room.

Laundry shelves, laundry room accessories and storage solutions are so plentiful nowadays, there's no reason not to have an organized laundry room. The only problem, though, is deciding what you need.

wire laundry shelves

Laundry shelves are a must. Not only do you need shelf space for soap and fabric softener, but often people store other, more harmful chemicals in their laundry room. It's important to keep these well away from children.

Most homes are designed with particularly small laundry rooms, so efficient storage space is a must. A good way to get more out of the limited space that you have is to use wire laundry shelving rather than wood.

Wire shelves take up less space than regular ones, so there is more space for actual storage. Not only that, since the shelves are usually higher up it's easier to see what's on them if they are open and you can see through them. Also, they are less expensive and easier to install. Wire shelves are more versatile, and you can also add onto them hanging bars and other accessories that make organizing your laundry room easier.

Where To Find Laundry Shelves and Accessories

Here are some great wire shelves that are designed to meet the needs of every laundry room:

Freestanding Wire Shelves If you have the space available, you should take a look at these floor-standing units. They are chrome, they come in a wide variety of shapes, and they're a great solution for organizing everything in the laundry room.

laundry cabinet

You may be looking for something a little smaller. We've found this great selection of wall-mounted laundry cabinets, stackable cubes, cubby shelves and hutches that provide almost any type of laundry storage solution that you might be looking for.

Of course, just shelves in your laundry room isn't enough. You also need the proper containers and storage units in order to really organize your laundry room. Take a look at this variety of storage boxes and bins that nest and also stack and are great for organizing your laundry shelves.

Of course, the subject of laundry room organization and accessories is much bigger than one page of bins. Take a look at our guide to laundry room storage solutions for much, much more.

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3-tier Laundry Sorter

The Three-Section Laundry Sorter is great for sorting and organizing your laundry. Add convenience and organization to laundry chores. The top two laundry bags are high enough from the ground to minimize the need to bend over. The three bags allow for sorting colors, whites, and darks. Includes sturdy metal frame with chrome finish, removable canvas laundry bags and casters for easy mobility.

Wire Laundry Shelves

Create the ultimate organized laundry room with ventilated wire shelves. Maximize the wall space above your washer and dryer for storing supplies, keeping items neat and easy to access. There's also plenty of room for storing linens and cleaning supplies for other areas of your home.

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