Laundry Room Shelves

Get creative and useful ideas for organizing your laundry room.

No one wants to spend too much creative energy, time or money on their laundry room shelves. Let's face it, you're not going to impress your guests by dragging them to see what a beautiful laundry room you have. It's a functional room only, and we try to spend as little time in there as possible.

You can make the time spent there less painful if it is designed well with laundry shelving and organization in mind. However, just like any other room in the house it's important to organize it well and keep it tidy. Not only is tidyness important, but if you store dangerous detergents and chemicals in the laundry room, proper shelving to keep them away from children is a must.

Laundry room shelves or cabinets above the washing machine is also a must. This is a perfect place to keep those dangerous chemicals safely. If you don't have that option, then you can consider installing floor cabinets with a lockable door.

Some Good Suggestions For Laundry Room Shelving and Organization.

Following is a list of useful suggestions to increase shelf space in your laundry room:

  • Wire Shelving is great for storage of laundry soaps and other products, while providing you with an area to hold the folded laundry temporarily. Also, you can add wire baskets for sorting smaller items like underwear and socks.
  • Leave a gap between your installed cabinets and install a bar between them for hanging up shirts and other drip-dry items.
  • Install a fold-away laundry shelf. This way, when you need to lay out a sweater or other item that has to dry flat you can open up the shelf, and then when you're done you can fold it away and save space.
  • Have a rolling cart with space for small laundry items like stain sticks and sprays. Include in it some small bins for collecting little items like hair bands, coins and clips. Also, include a small trash basket for lint and things that you find in pockets (hopefully, BEFORE you wash them!).

In order to find those items that will help you organize your laundry room, we've broken it down into 2 categories:

Laundry Shelves and Cabinets
Where you'll find lots of information and examples of great laundry room shelves and storage solutions.


Laundry Room Storage Solutions
Here you'll find all sorts of great storage and organization items that can help you to keep things clean and tidy in your laundry room.

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