Ladder Bookshelves

An elegant and sleek bookshelf that highlights any collection of books or treasures.

Ladder bookshelves are designed so that the deepest shelf is at the bottom, with the higher shelves gradually becoming thinner and thinner. The overall effect is attractive and eye-catching.

ladder bookshelf

They're are great for displaying a small collection of books or knick-knacks. They don't offer a huge amount of shelf space but they provide enough that you can store quite a bit on them.

Since these units are freestanding you can put them anywhere, and they have a relatively small footprint, so they can fit into spaces where other types of units can't.

Where To Find Ladder Bookshelves

We found a nice black 5-tier ladder bookshelf that is elegant and reasonably priced.

If you're interested in a corner ladder bookshelf (VERY eye catching!) here's one in "espresso" also known as a brown 5-tier corner ladder bookcase that is a great way to take advantage of otherwise unused space.

We found a fancy hand-carved 4-tier corner bookshelf that would look great with books or anything else that you'd like to display in the corner of your room.

If you need bookshelves with more shelf space, take a look at all of our suggestions in our section on Bookcases.

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Corner Ladder Shelves

This impressive corner stand will take your breath away! A perfect addition to any setting.

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