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We own a big kitchen, and we have lots of cabinet space. It doesn't matter. It seems that no matter how large the kitchen is there's never enough space. That's where kitchen shelving units come in so handy.

Instead of installing extra cabinets or sinking a lot of money into expanding your kitchen, you can supplement your storage and shelf space with a bakers rack or buffet.

The advantage of these units is that they are attractive and functional at the same time. By adding one of these in unused space in the kitchen, you will find that many of them have a surprising amount of storage area, and also shelf space for cookbooks, vases and decorations.

Whether you're looking for a bakers rack, buffet, sideboard, or kitchen cart, you will find a unit that meets your needs for space, style and cost.

Bakers Racks, Buffets, Sideboards, Kitchen Carts and Microwave Carts

Bakers Racks are stylish units designed primarily for the kitchen. They don't usually have too much shelf space, but they provide just enough to store some books, wine bottles, and other small things on a decoarative and attractive shelf. They are best along a side wall or in an unused corner. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and some of them have additional drawers. You can see a great choice of bakers racks here.

Buffets differ from bakers racks in that they have very little or no open shelf space. pine kitchen cabinet They are actually small cabinets designed to hold dishes and assorted trays and utensils. There are buffets that are all-enclosed, and others that combine closed cabinets with open shelves above or below the cabinets. There are units with wood doors, and others that have glass doors so that you can see the dishes inside.

When looking for a buffet, consider how the color will match the colors of your kitchen and also the style of it. There are buffets with a traditional "antique" style, and some that are ultra-modern. Before you purchase a buffet, measure your available space very carefully, and don't forget to take into account whether you have enough space for the doors of the buffet to open.

We recommend you take a look at this impressive collection of kitchen buffets. we were impressed by the wide range of styles, colors and sizes of buffets, all available on this one page.

Sideboards are first and foremost small, narrow tables. They are useful for holding platters and other large dishes while serving. In design, they tend to fall somewhere between bakers racks and buffets. They have enclosed cabinets, but they also have more open shelves for display purposes. As with buffets, the styles range from traditional "antique" to very modern. Click to see a stunning selection of sideboards available online.

Kitchen Carts have a great advantage over the other types of kitchen shelving units, they are on wheels! The great thing about kitchen carts is that you don't have to worry about them being in the wrong place or taking up too much space. You can always wheel them to wherever you want. With a surface of butchers block or stainless steel, you can use them anywhere to prepare food, even out in your dining area in front of your guests.

Various units feature towel holders, knife blocks, wine racks, shelves, and convenient drawers to store utensils and other cooking essentials. There are also units available with a fold-down extension, so you can prepare the food, and then flip up the extension and turn the whole unit into a portable table.

We went online and found a page with an impressive selection of kitchen carts.

While looking, we also found a page with kitchen carts with a twist. These kitchen carts combine a butchers block surface round kitchen cabinet on top with a wine rack underneath. And if that isn't enough, they are round! There are 3 great styles to choose from, and they include a towel rack and place for spices onboard.

Microwave Carts are the last on our list of kitchen shelving units. They are great for combining a designated space for your microwave with additional shelving and cabinetry space. These handsome units free up countertop space and also keep the microwave in a more protected area. Some of the units that we saw also have wheels, microwave cart so you can move the unit around to keep it out of your way. This is especially useful if you do not have a lot of extra space in your kitchen. Take a look at these kitchen mircrowave carts that we found available online.

Pantry Shelves

While there are a lot of available kitchen shelving units and variations, none of them provide a huge amount of storage space. If you simply need to add a lot of straight shelf space, then take a look at pantry shelves. These units are functional, and they provide a lot of useful shelf space. Some of them are shorter with space for a small bin and a surface on top for food preparation, while others stand much taller with doors to enclose the shelves.

If you didn't find anything that meets your needs on this page, you should consider wall-mounted kitchen shelves where you'll find lots of good information and recommendations.

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