How To Build A Corner Shelf

Learning how to build a corner shelf isn't difficult - even if you've got little or no woodworking background. Once you know how to do it, you'll find yourself building attractive corner shelves for all those unused areas in your home.

You'll find that corner shelf design and building is actually fun, breaking up the square look of a room while giving you a focal point for displaying your treasures.

Building Corner Shelves the Easy Way

Discover how to build a set of four corner shelves with this simple project which is suitable even for beginners. You only need one power tool, a table saw. For this corner shelf design you only need to cut 1 circular board into quarters, then you're ready to paint and mount your shelves. It really couldn't be easier - but you do need to know how to cut the board into 4 equal quarters.

  1. Go to your local lumberyard or hardware store, and purchase a 24 inch round piece of plywood. It will probably cost around $4.00.

  2. Using a straight edge, draw a line across the board from one edge to another.
  3. Find the middle of your line, and, using a straight edge once more, draw a line all the way from one side of the board to the other. This gives you an accurate line down the middle of the board.
  4. Measure the line in the middle of the board line and find its center.
  5. Using that point for your straight edge, draw a perpendicular line through the point. You have just drawn out 4 equal quarters.
  6. Cut the board along one line, and then the two halves along their center lines, and presto, you now have 4 rounded corner shelves.

Now that you have four quarters, you can paint and decorate them to match the corner where you plan to mount them.

Mounting Corner Shelves

Brackets. You'll need two brackets for each shelf. There is a huge range of brackets available, from utilitartian l-shaped brackets to wrought iron decorative brackets and everything in between.

Wood Strips. If you prefer a more subtle look, make thin strips of wood 1/2 inch wide, that are slightly shorter than the straight edges of the shelf. Mount these in your corner space, glue the shelf to the strips and finish it with some small nails for extra security. Keep in mind that one strip will be mounted flush in the corner and the other one flush to the end of the first strip. That means that the second strip needs to be cut shorter so that it won't stick out from under the shelf. Take your time making sure that all the strips are mounted exactly in the right place so that the shelves will be spaced evenly and squarely on the wall.

Often, you'll find that either the shelves were not cut exactly or that the walls in the corner are not exactly 90 degrees. This isn't such a big problem. When you mount the shelves, if they don't fit flush to both sides then mount them so that they are flush to one side. Even though there will be a gap along the other side, this isn't usually too visible.

If you need more than one set of corner shelves, consider using this method with two or even three different sizes of circular boards. This way you can mount larger shelves at the bottom and then smaller ones at the top, creating a stairway effect.

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