Glass Display Shelves

Clean, Light, Elegant and Affordable

Glass display shelves are your best bet when you want to draw attention to your display without distraction. Your eye then will be drawn almost completely to the items on the shelf and not to the shelf itself.

Glass shelving doesn't have to blend into the background, however. When you combine glass with a metal or wood frame you have a display shelf which even empty will catch your eye. You can find glass display shelves with chrome frames or brackets for a modern look, or alternately with wood for a warmer homey feel. To make your shelves almost invisible, you should look for mounting brackets or frames that are also made of transparent material. To add your own personal touch, there's nothing wrong with buying the brackets and supports that you like and combining them with plates of glass cut to your specifications.

When you think of glass display shelves what probably comes to mind is just a long thin sheet of transparent glass. Nothing could be further from the truth in today's designer world. You can find glass that is curved, angled, colored, mirrored, beveled, and twisted. The shelves themselves can become an integral part of your display.

Types of Glass Shelving

In order to decide which glass display shelves meet your needs, you should be familiar with the different types of glass. Make sure that you choose the type of glass that will support the items you wish to display, while providing you with the look that you want:

  • Annealed float glass is the cheapest and also the weakest glass used in shelves. This glass is simple, inexpensive and appropriate for shelves which are not meant to carry a lot of weight. You have to be careful though, because this type of glass is easily broken. If it shatters it will leave large and dangerous shards.
  • Heat strengthened (tempered)glass is stronger than annealed float glass. It is heated in a furnace and then quickly air-cooled. This leaves the glass approximately twice as strong as annealed glass.

  • Fully tempered glass undergoes even more stringent heat treatment, and comes out about 4 times as strong as annealed glass. Also, if it should break it will break into small pieces of glass, instead of large, sharp shards.

Thickness is also an important element in determining the strength of the glass. Thicker glass will provide you with stronger glass display shelves, but they also stand out more. Do you want the shelves to have more presence or less? In any case, if you wish to display anything with significant weight on glass shelves you should consult the manufacturer's recommendations before you purchase the shelves.

Where to Find Glass Display Shelves

If you have a good idea of what you are looking for in glass display shelves then you can easily narrow down the possibilities. Before you decide, however, we recommend that you take a look at the options available below, you might be surprised to see examples that you didn't know were available.<

We've narrowed down our search to 2 categories:

  • wall mounted glass shelves
  • and

  • floor mounted glass shelves.

Wall Mounted Glass Display Shelving

Of all the wall mounted glass display shelves that we've seen, none have been more than 3 shelves, and most have been single shelves. They are designed more for accent shelving, allowing you to highlight a simple picture or vase. Some of them are simpler, like this aesthetic single glass display shelf with wood block bracket which can also be used to hold a small flatscreen TV. The glass is tempered and the corners are rounded off. On the same page you can find a larger version of the shelf.

If you're looking for a lighter shelf, take a look at this frosted glass wall shelf with stainless steel brackets. Its clean, modern and has a lot of great applications.

Take a look at this modern glass display shelf with a wooden frame This is a VERY cool design.

Moving up to larger units, we really like this 3-tier glass display shelf with adjustable glass display shelves available in extra large lengths. It is available with 2 to 4 shelves and the insert panel available in Cool Grey, Black, or Natural Maple melamine.

Sometimes, all you really need is a simple glass shelf, without anything else. Here's a great selection of wall mounted glass shelves that are designed to fit in the corners of your home. they are available in curved, triangle, rectangular and square shapes. They are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so you can make a nice display of shelves in varying sizes.

If you like the idea of corner glass display shelves, but you want something "a little more dressed up," then you might like this corner glass wall shelf in satin nickel. It's graceful curved triangle shelves blend nicely with the nickel frame. It's available also in brass. "

Floor Mounted Glass Display Shelving

We've found a really varied collection of floor mounted glass display shelves, from small to big. Let's begin with the smaller units.

Here's a delicate 3-tier floor-standing glass display shelf that is actually designed for a bathroom, but we liked the look of it so much that we thought it would look great elsewhere in the house as well. It's made of solid forged brass but it is also available in chrome and satin nickel. The shelves are semi-circular, and overall this unit stands 30 inches high.

We found a similar unit, but this one is a corner 3-tier glass display shelf with curved tempered glass shelves and a protective railing on each level. This shelf is also available in satin nickel.

Now let's move on to the bigger units. Here's a cool sandblasted glass 4_tier display shelf. This distinctive unit is modern and the silver frame finish beautifully complements the glass shelves.

Another modern design is this hourglass shaped display shelf unit with built-in lights.

It has 4 adjustable glass shelves available in standard or extra large lengths, you can display just about anything you like on this unit. The glass shelves are clear tempered safety glass with flat polished edge,and the panel is available in maple, black or gray.

For even more display space, you might want to consider this glass shelf leaning bookcase. The glass is smoked, and the wood frame is available in cherry, slate and espresso. This unit is sleek and elegant, a real centerpiece for any living room.

The biggest glass display shelf that we found (that we like!) is this massive glass shelf wall unit. What we really like about it is that you can start with a small unit, and then add on and build it according to your needs. Also, the shelves are adjustable to suit whatever you plan on displaying.

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