Garage Storage Units

Great garage storage units and solutions for your garage walls and ceiling

In order to take advantage of the walls and ceiling of your garage for storage, it is a good idea to invest in properly designed garage storage units. Sure, you can buy baskets and brackets from any home center, but you'd be wise to buy equipment that is made for the garage. The garage is more exposed to humidity, cold and heat than the rest of the house. You certainly wouldn't want to store heavy items above your head on brackets or pulleys that might rust. garage ceiling storage

Before you begin, you need to think about what you want in your garage, where it'll go, and how it'll look when your done. Invest the time and effort in measuring the walls, and listing all of the items that you want to store in your garage. When you plan the layout for your garage, you need to think about possible changes in the future.

If you mount brackets and hooks on the wall for your existing tools, sporting goods and other stuff that you want to store, then you're stuck with them when you get other things, or get rid of existing stuff. Instead of permanent hooks, we recommend installing a garage storage wall system. With this, you can organize your tools, sporting goods and other stuff that you want to hang on the walls. Then, if you decide in the future to rearrange or add stuff, all you need to do is move the hooks, add on more if you need, and put everything back up. It's that simple! This wall rack comes with specialty brackets designed to hold bikes, golf bags, skis, fishing rods, and even roller blades.

In addition, you can find stand-alone wall units for all your sports gear, that are specially designed to hold skis, tennis gear, bikes, golf bags, fishing rods, skateboards and inline skates.

Ceiling-Mounted Garage Storage

There are some great solutions out there for garage wall and ceiling storage. Take a look at this garage ceiling lift system. It holds a lot, and it's designed to make it easy to get your stuff up there, and back down again when you need it. This system can hold seasonal equipment (like snow blowers) sporting equipment (like canoes or skis) and anything else you don't need immediately. You don't need a ladder to get up there, and the easy crank handle access makes the whole thing a breeze.

Lookng to store a lot but you don't want to shell out a ton of money? For some serious storage space at the top of your garage, take a look at this huge selection of overhead bins and storage solutions.

In addition to wall and ceiling mounted garage storage systems, you should consider storage solutions for all of the smaller things in the garage. Here is a great selection of garage storage bins and systems that are designed with small things in mind.

Of course, the fun doesn't stop here, take a look at our info on Garage Shelving Units and Cabinetry

to find the perfect solutions for your garage woes.

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8 Piece Garage Storage Super System

Features a variety of different units to address your storage needs. Whether you require extra space for tools, garage accessories or excess household clutter, with this many options all your bases are covered. This impressive set features two large work surfaces, two tall hanging wall cabinets, two Large Storage Cabinets, one Single Door Base Cabinet, and Three Drawer Base Cabinet.

Garage Recreation Center

Made from epoxy-bonded steel, in Platinum, the Ventilated Shelves come in 12", 16" and 20" depths. Quickly installed on any wall, the Shelves defy dust and have the strength required to support heavy items. .

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