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A guide to finding great garage storage solutions and gaining valuable space

Gone are the days when garages were only for cars. Nowadays, garages are used for storage, recreation, workshops, and band practice. Since people are using their garages for so much more than they used to, they also demand a lot more from the garage. Every square inch of space can be used well for cabinets, shelves and racks for sports equipment. It seems like the garage is getting so full of stuff there's no room to put the car!

If you're like most people, you use your garage as a general storage area for anything that you can't find room for in the house, when you "just need to get it out of the way." The problem with this is that soon the garage is overflowing with stuff, and there's hardly any room left, sound familiar? Well, by following the Home Shelving Guide to garage storage, you can increase the size of your usable garage storage space and organize it, freeing up space for that workshop or your kids' band.

Where To Begin

Increasing your garage storage begins with looking up. There is a lot of unused space on the walls and ceiling of your garage. By installing proper storage units up there, you can free up the floor space of the garage for cabinets, shelves, workbenches and more.

The best way to determine what garage storage you need is to make a list of the things that live in the garage (bikes, lawn equipment, sports equipment, tools, etc.) and then to decide how to organize them. Divide the items by your need to access them. Things that are rarely used, once a year or less, should be stored in the most hard-to-reach spots. Hard to store items are next. Long poles, lumber, and similar items can be stored on brackets mounted on the wall. This will free up a lot of space. Seasonal items, like sporting equipment are next. You want to have them out of the way but easily accessible. Hanging the bikes on a ceiling mounted rack (especially in winter) is a great way to increase your garage storage capacity.

When it comes to garage shelves, take a good look at your wall space. A good rule of thumb is to install a flexible wall-mounted storage system that will allow you to store everything now, and also will allow you to rearrange everything when you want to. It is cheaper to install fixed items like wall-mounted brackets, but you will find yourself removing and remounting them if (and when) you decide to rearrange the garage again.

Once you've installed overhead garage storage, you can turn your attention to the garage floor. First of all, it's probably stained. This goes along with the territory. You can never stop your cars from leaking, but there are a lot of flooring solutions out there now for garages. The easiest and cheapest is to simply clean the stains with oil remover, and then paint the floor with cement paint. Of course, if you were thinking of really turning the garage into a liveable extension of your home then you might be interested in a special, tiled floor. There are a lot of possibilities out there.

Garage Storage Units
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Garage Shelving and Cabinetry
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