Garage Shelving and Cabinets

Storage Solutions and Great Tips for Taming Your Garage

The stuff in your garage can be broken down into 2 categories, the stuff you have to have easy access to and the stuff you don't. For the stuff you don't need every day (like Christmas decorations)take a look at our advice on garage storage units. For all the rest, keep reading.

A good garage shelving system allows you to organize your garage, protect your stuff, and give you easy access to it. Other options, like lockable doors, adjustable shelving, workbenches and

small storage baskets all contribute to customizing your garage cabinets to your needs and taming your garage. Another feature is casters on the free-standing units for ease of positioning. This will also be very handy you when you want to rearrange.

When looking for good garage shelves and garage cabinets, take into account the ease of construction. Garage shelving should be easy to put together, and solid in construction. Remember, they'll be living in an environment that is many times wet and exposed to heat and cold. Regular wood cabinets not specifically designed for garage shelving will not last a long time in the garage. While you can't enclose everything you own in a garage cabinet, it's better to use more cabinets and less shelves. Due to the amount of dust and dirt that builds up so quickly in a garage, it's better to cut down as much as possible on the open surfaces in your garage.

Finding Great Garage Shelves and Cabinets

We've found some very nice and sturdy looking garage cabinet online. There is a fantastic choice of garage cabinet systems that allows you to customize the color, size, and adjustability of the garage shelves that will meet your needs. Also, they offer free-standing as well as wall mounted garage cabinetry options.

Not everyone has lots of floor space in their garage for these cabinets. If you are looking to keep as much floor space open as possible, then wall mounted garage cabinets are a good bet for creating lots of storage space in your garage while keeping the floor free.

Everyone's garage is filled with lots of little containers of odds and ends. Unless you have a particular attachment to old coffee cans and jars, you might be interested in a garage storage bin system for small things.

These great units are available with small, medium or large bins (and some of them have all 3!). They are colorful and well-designed to help you organize your garage.

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Gladiator Garageworks Gearwall Panels

A heavy-duty, patent pending slot-wall system designed to reclaim the floor and maximize storage capacity and flexibility. Custom design your storage capacity and flexibility by adding 1' high by 8' long panels to a wall or your entire garage. Robust panels are built to withstand the extreme heat, cold, and humidity of the tough garage environment. Panels are easily attached to wood studs or to drywall over wood studs.

Single Sided Pick Rack Storage System

All Pick Racks offer a sloping shelf system that allows easy access to contents. This particular unit also comes with 5 different bin package options. Features: - Easy to clean - Rust and corrosion resistant - 400 lb load capacity.

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