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Great shelves designed with dorm rooms in mind. portable, smart, convenient and affordable.

What are dorm shelves? Well, they're shelves you need when you don't have a lot of space or money, and you move to a new location every year. Dorm shelves should be sturdy, compact, and reasonably priced. They should provide a convenient storage solution for books, CDs and other stuff, preferably without taking up too much space.

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No matter how long that school year seems in September, June hits you before you know it and you have to pack up all your stuff and get out. You don't want to hire a van or trailer to move your stuff, so good dorm shelves should be collapsible.

When I went to college, I ended up buying this metal open shelf thing for my stereo and books. It was held together with small screws and nuts. You know the type, cheap and rickety, perfect for a student. Every Semptember I would set it up in my new digs, usually cutting myself on the sharp underside edges, swear a bit, lose a few screws and nuts, and finally get the thing up for the year. It wobbled, got covered in dust, creaked a bit, in short, a fine example of student furniture. Come June I would take the whole thing apart, lose a few more pieces, put the rest of them in a small plastic bag, pack it up (cut myself again) and put it away for the summer. What a pain! <

Well, I'm glad (and not a little jealous) that college students of today do not have to suffer the way I did. Luckily, there's a much simpler and better solution to dormitory shelving. Nowadays, you can find very handsome shelves that simply fold up when you don't need them. You unfold the unit in September (about 10 seconds, no cuts) and fold it up in June (maybe 15 seconds since you're fighting gravity). These shelves are well-built, collapse flat, and will see you through your various dorm rooms and apartments as you pursue that elusive degree. They even look good. In short, they are a great solution for the wandering student.

Where To Find Dorm Shelves

We've found some really nice folding shelves, perfect for student housing. Here's a great folding shelf that comes in beechwood, walnut or black. It's stackable too, which is great for saving valuable floor space. You can also find a 4-level narrow folding shelf that will fit well in those cramped dorm rooms and corners.

Another useful thing to have in your dorm is a unit on wheels. It has 3 wire mesh drawers and a solid top that can hold a small fridge or TV. Not only is it easy to move and holds a lot, if you get bored you can ride it in the halls on Friday nights (don't tell your parents...)

There's also an ecological-friendly set of bamboo folding shelves. They are made from sustainable materials, they look great, they're rugged, and will fit in really well in a student apartment or dorm.<

Of course, student shelving doesn't have to be folding. You can find lots of units that work well in dorms in our other sections on bookcases.

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