Display Shelves

A Great Way to Show Your Ornaments, Collections, Treasures and Photos

Whether you collect old matchboxes, shot glasses, golf balls, procelain dolls or anything else for that matter, you'll want your collection to look as good on your walls as the artwork next to it. It's no use arranging your prized possessions haphazardly on any old shelf; you'll want your display shelves to reflect the character and beauty of your ornaments, collections or photos.

Types of Display Shelves

Whether you decide on fine hardwood, glass, polished metal, or even acrylic, the shelves you choose are just as much as part of the display as the items on them.

A good display shelf should be open and light, drawing attention to the items arranged on it. Think of a display shelf as a pedastal to showcase your treasures.

Tall items such as vases or statuettes will look better on a floating shelf, while smaller items such as photo frames or ornaments often work well on a narrow ledge or featured inside a cube shelf.

Display shelves vary from ornate to simple. You might decide that your collection of intricate ornaments would do better on a simple shelf which blends into the background. Alternately, you might want to make a statement by matching your collection of white vases with a vibrant, sky blue ledge. There really aren't any rules. Do whatever you think draws attention to your display while providing visual interest and eye-catching wall decor.

Display shelves are mainly designed to hold lighter items. Make sure that the type of shelving you choose is suitable to hold the weight of your collection.

How To Choose Display Shelves

Before you do anything else, arrange your collection on imaginary shelves. Decide how much space you want between each item. Do you want everything on one long shelf or divided among several shelves? Do you want the items close together or spread out? Don't think about the shelving until you know how you want to display your collection. Make the shelves fit the collection, and not the other way around.

Once you know how much shelf space you need, then you can go to the next step; choosing the location.

Where To Put Your Shelves

Measure the location you have in mind. If you're considering a wall with limited open space, you will have to group the shelves closely together. You might prefer to choose a more open location depending on the look you want. Don't forget that your treasures on display are as much a part of the decor of your home as your artwork and photos.

Height is also an important factor. Low shelves are great for displaying stuffed animals and dolls in a child's room. One long display ledge positioned halfway up the wall can break up a room with a high ceiling nicely. You might want to take advantage of unused space high up on the wall for larger items such as plates, vases or other breakables. Keep in mind that if the display includes regularly used items you will want easy access to them.

Display Shelving Ideas

Wood Display Shelves From dark wood to natural stain, we've discovered some beautifully crafted display shelves.

Glass Display Shelves A world of possibilities beyond the plain, flat rectangle.

Metal Display Shelves. For chrome, pewter and wrought iron shelves, as well as shelves that can survive outdoors.

Acrylic Display Shelving While they might look similar to glass they feel lighter and more modern.

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