Corner Shelves - A New Angle On Display

Corner shelves can solve a wide variety of storage and display dilemmas. If you look around your home, you'll probably find that you're not even using most of the corners. And even if you are, you're probably not making the most of them. Most furniture and shelving isn't even designed to fit into these spaces. The trick is to use the angle to your advantage. Whether you want to install corner curio cabinets, glass shelves , or a corner bookcase you should try to make the angle and the depth work for you.

When you install any type of corner shelves or unit, you not only salvage valuable untapped space, you often make the whole room feel more spacous and airy.

When you break the "squareness" of the room, it adds interest and charm to your decor. Not only that, but in some cases, using this area in this way can allow a room to have more than one function. For instance, a corner shelf unit for children's toys can separate that part of your living room off for the kids while allowing you to reclaim the rest of it for toy-free relaxation.

Sometimes, instead of just filling in an otherwise unused part of your room it can become the focus of the room. A good example of this is when you install a corner TV stand , and then position your furniture around it. Suddenly, you have your own cozy viewing area.

An elegant solution to the corner conundrum is to install corner floating shelves. This provides you with an attractive and functional way to display collections and curios. This type of shelving provides you with less shelf space, but it can add a striking highlight to your room.

You can either buy a ready-made unit or design and build your own. There are corner TV stands and entertainment centers, desks with shelves and bookshelves for your living room. Don't forget, though, that using the corners can help you reclaim space in every room in your home from the bathroom to the garage. You can find shelves in a wide range of materials from glass to real wood and laminate in an extensive assortment of styles and finishes.

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