Corner Floating Shelves

No wires, no legs, no brackets, only clean lines and a clean look.

Corner floating shelves have no visible means of support. They are attached to the wall by bolts that go into the wall directly behind the shelf. This provides very clean lines, and, when done right, it looks stunning. Proper installation of a floating shelf is a must, and you must be very careful of the weight limits since it will not have the strength of a shelf with other means of support such as brackets or wires. Floating shelves look elegant anywhere, but they really catch your eye when they are mounted in the corner of a room.

A corner floating shelf is a thing of beauty. It might be small, and can't hold a lot, but it is a great way to display that high school trophy, or a nice picture. A single floating shelf with a vase or other tall trinket can fill up the corner and make it look lovely.

While a single corner shelf is nice, multiple corner shelves can even further enhance the effect.

Notice that they are big, medium and small. Even with nothing displayed on them they would be a nice highlight to an otherwise empty space.

Due to the fact that they are floating shelves and therefore weaker, the owners aren't going to display their priceless Ming dynasty vase on them. But properly installed, a floating shelf can certainly hold most art objects or pictures. The great advantage with floating shelves is that they aren't within reach of little hands, so they keep glass and pottery art safe while on display.

Where To Find Floating Corner Shelves

There are lots of shelves available to choose from. You can find a set of 3 corner floating shelves designed with a patented slide and lock system for easy and secure installation.

There are hand-cut scalloped corner floating shelves that come in 2 sizes and a whole range of colors.

A glass corner floating shelf is a nice twist, and it mounts to the wall with only one screw. Great for displaying a single trophy, vase, or other tall item.

A selection of wood floating corner shelves cut in half-circles or angled makes it hard to choose which you like best for your home.

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