Corner Curio Cabinets

A Guide to Corner Curio Cabinets, What's Available and What's Good For Your Home

Curio cabinets are wonderful in your home. They allow you to show off your favorite collections and special items. But they tend to take up a lot of space. Corner curio cabinets, on the other hand utilize unused corner space so you can take advantage of that space and at the same time have a great display. These cabinets are great next to flights of stairs, in the corners of hallways, in dining rooms, you name it, any empty corner in your home could benefit from a corner curio cabinet.

A common worry when considering a corner curio cabinet over a standard one is the difference of actual shelf space. You'll find that many of the corner units actually have quite a bit of space, especially the deeper ones. While they don't have as much as a full-size traditional style cabinet, they certainly do have quite a bit.

There are 2 main styles of corner curio cabinets. The first one has a flat front, and the shelves are triangle shape. These units do not jut out as much, and they will fit snugly into any corner. The other type has rounded shelves, and a rounded door that sticks out more. These units have a more intricate shape, but they will take up more space, so it's important for you to know which type of unit is more suited to the space that you have in mind. Corner curio cabinets range in width from 26" to 42" so make sure you know what the dimensions of the space are.

Where To Find Corner Curio Cabinets

We have found 2 great sites that carry a huge variety of curio cabinets, and they also feature pages dedicated to corner curio cabinets.

Take a look at this page of Corner Curio Cabinets with over 50 choices available. You can see all shapes, sizes and styles here, at great prices.

At another site filled with Beautiful Curio Cabinets you'll find another mind-boggling choice of over 55 units available.

If you don't find what you're looking for at these 2 sites, you might be more interested in a different style of curio cabinet. Take a look at our detailed page on Curio Cabinets for lots more information and ideas.

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Keepsakes Medallion Cherry Corner Curio/Display Case

The Medallion Cherry Corner Curio is an elegant and traditional corner piece. The V-grooved door glass and decorative keystone accent make this piece charming. Finish on select hardwood solids and veneers -Decorative keystone accent -Mirrored back -Adjustable glass shelves -Lighted interior.

Donnegal Corner Curio Fireplace

This corner curio and electric fireplace is both elegant and functional. Display family heirlooms while cozying up to the warm fireplace. This curio is designed to Corner Curio Features: -Traditional oak finish. -Distressed finish. -Constructed from solid northern hardwood. -3 Glass shelves. -2 Glass doors. -No assembly required.-Operates for pennies on the dollar. -Warms 700 square feet. -Plugs into standard 110 Volt home outlet. -Remote control for heat, light and flame. -Built in variable thermostat and rheostat for heat, light and flame.

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