Corner Bookshelves

A great way to liven up a corner and take advantage of unused space.

Corner bookshelves are attractive, practical and useful. Take a look around your home, how many corners are you really using effectively? If you're like a lot of people, you could be taking advantage of the corners with some freestanding bookcases that wouldn't make the area look crowded, but they would definitely keep it from feeling empty.

corner bookshelf

Corner bookshelves aren't meant to hold a lot. If you tried to place a standard rectangular bookcase there you'd have a problem with the angles. You can't put books in at both angles since they'd block each other off, so you're probably better off with a smaller unit that holds less, but displays the books better. Another possibility is to combine your books with knick-knacks or vases.

Where to Find Corner Bookshelves

You won't always see these types of shelves displayed prominently at furniture stores. They are a bit "off the beaten path." We've found some here that we like the look of:

A fantastic selection of corner bookshelves is available here in a huge variety of sizes, styles and shapes.

Here's a great 7 shelf unit made of natural hardwood. It's available in walnut, oak or birch, and has 9 different top profile options. This is a serious piece of furniture! corner bookshelf

If the 7-shelf unit is too big for your needs, this smaller all wood corner bookcase (pictured) might be just the unit you need to fill in that dead space. This unit even comes with a full 5-year warranty against defects.

We really like this Corner 5 Tier Leaning Bookcase in Cinnamon/Espresso. It's clean, simple and is made of solid wood.

Of course, bookshelves don't have to be made from wood. You HAVE to take a gander at this wild acrylic corner shelf that has it's own lighting and is filled with water. Yes, you read that right. WATER! Have I grabbed your attention now? Take a look!

You have another option available if you're interested, do it yourself. You are invited to check out our section on building shelves and units yourself, as well as our page on

building your own corner shelves.

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Multi-Piece Corner Bookcase

This great unit really livens up your corner. You'll find space for books, stereos, discs and a TV in this beatiful piece of corner furniture. Available in different colors.

Three-tier Corner Bookcase

A simple, elegant white corner bookshelf. Useful in any application, this unit goes very well in a children's room.

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