Corner TV Stands

Change the look and feel of your room when you put your TV in the corner

Corner TV Stands are a creative solution for changing the feel of your room. If you're like most people, you've probably placed your TV somewhere in the center of your living room along the wall. Your TV is the focus of attention,

and all your furniture is arranged to face it. If you're looking for a change, why not consider putting your TV in the corner? What you actually get when you do this is two separate areas, one for sitting and socializing and one for TV watching.

All The Ways To Corner Your TV

The first and easiest solution for placing your TV in the corner is a floor-standing corner TV stand. These are units specifically designed to fit into a corner and they're available in many styles and sizes. Before you decide what's the best corner TV stand for you, don't forget to measure the space in your corner. Also, you'll want to decide beforehand whether you want a unit with few shelves or many. The first kind looks very sleek, and it feels lighter. The second kind, of course, will give you lots of space for DVD players, discs, tapes, and knick knacks. How much do you really want to store there? If you have other shelf space near the corner you might be better off with a corner TV stand without the extra shelving underneath. There are units available in modern style glass and metal, or warmer, homier wood. There is a huge choice of corner TV stands available to choose from and you can find one to match your decor and personal taste. The units are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and designs. They are also divided into categories of TV type (CRT or plasma/LCD) and the weight and size of your TV. This makes it really easy to narrow down your search.

The disadvantage of units like these, though is that they occupy floor space. If you want to get the TV higher up and out of the way, but still keep it in the corner take a look at a ceiling mounted TV corner shelves or a wall mounted TV shelf.

Ceiling Mounted TV Brackets

Ceiling mounted TV brackets don't hang down very far, so the TV is high up in the corner. On many models you can tilt the TV forward and also rotate it. They can be installed anywhere, but don't forget that they need to be near a socket. These are great in bedrooms, where you can lie back to watch the TV, but because of their height ceiling mounted brackets can be uncomfortable to look at for long periods of time and cause neck-ache when sitting in a regular chair.

Wall mounted TV shelves can be mounted anywhere on the wall that you want. Many of them come with optional swivel bases so you can turn the TV to any angle.

There are shelves that can hold TV's up to 125 pounds. If you're considering a wall mount make sure you know the size and weight of your TV . While these units don't actually fit into a corner, you can still achieve the effect of a corner TV shelf by mounting the wall shelf as close to your corner as possible, and then rotating the TV. The size of your TV will determine how far from the wall you'll have to install the shelf.

If you're undecided about TV corner shelves, take a look at other possibilities in our guide to TV stands and shelves.

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Belize Corner TV Stand

The Belize TV Stand features a gorgeous curved design with an attractive pewter finish, creating a stylish look for flat screen TVs up to 50" or conventional TVs up to 36".Features: Tempered glass shelves, spine provides rear wire access and concealment. Tested for tip stability. Accommodates most 36" conventional TVs up to 240 lbs. and 50" flat panel TVs up to 117 lbs.

Ponderosa Corner Console

This elegant piece of furniture is designed to hold your TV and AV equipment while hiding unsightly cables. Convenient storage cabinets provide a neat way to store your media. Features: -Sold wood construction -Rich multi-step Pine finish -Great space saving corner design -Accommodates MOST 60" TV's -Open center area with adjustable shelf for plenty of storage.

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