Console Curio Cabinets

A Guide to Finding the Best Console Curio Cabinet for Your Home, Including Useful Info and Suggestions

A console curio cabinet is simply a shorter version of a full-size cabinet. Instead of being 6 to 7 feet tall, consoles are in the 2 to 3.5 feet range. When is having a console curio cabinet an advantage? If you only have a small collection of things that you want to display, it would look lost in a full-size cabinet. Also, a full-size curio covers an entire wall. With a console you can have your curio cabinet and also wall space above it for pictures. Not only that, a console curio provides you with an open shelf on top of it for a plant, vase, framed picture, or other items that don't look as nice "cooped up" inside.

If your space allows it, you can get 2 console cabinets side by side ("bunched") which looks very attractive in the right circumstances. There are cabinets specially made to be put with others.

What To Look For in a Console Curio Cabinet

When looking for a console curio cabinet keep in mind measurements, style and cost. Make sure that the cabinet you are looking at will fit into the space that you have available for it. Take into account that you will probably want to take advantage of the top surface of it in order to display something more, so add that into your calculations of height. The style is important. Does the cabinet you're looking at match the surrounding decor? And finally, there are many models of cabinets out there, some less expensive, and some more. Make sure that the cabinet you like fits your budget.

Where To Find Console Curio Cabinets

We've found some great sites that specialize in curio cabinets, and they have whole sections just on consoles.

Here are 2 sites like that:

Console Curio Cabinets

A site with over 200 different examples on display. A tremendous variety of units are available here.

Fancy Curio Cabinets

Here you can find some choice cabinets, many of them by Pulaski, one of the best names in curio cabinets.

Still not sure? Take a look at all of our information and suggestions on Curio Cabinets and find out about all of the options available to you.

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Jasper Cabinet - Curio Console Table

Place this elegant console curio in any empty corner of your room for an eye-catching look.

Ash Console Curio Cabinet in Chestnut Satin

  • * Side entry console
  • * Chestnut satin finish
  • * Solid North American hardwoods and veneers
  • * Tempered glass side entry doors provide easy access
  • * 1 interior and 1 adjustable glass shelf with plate groove
  • * V groove art glass is lighted to showcase display items
  • * Display area is generous and well lit

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