Children's Shelves

A child's room should be colorful, friendly, warm and above all neat (at least, we parents think so!). To that end children's shelves should be geared for them and their world.

Books and games for kids help them to form their ideas about the world around them. Easy access to their things is essential. A solid oak antique bookcase might be beautiful, but in a kid's room it's a disaster. Children's bookcases must be at their level, both physically and psychologically. Bright colors, interesting designs and lots of spaces for small toys and collections will help give the room a nice "feel" and let the kids understand that this is their territory.

Likewise, children's computer shelves differ from an adult computer corner in that the screen should be lower (otherwise they have to crane their necks) and the keyboard should definitely store away in order to protect it. The screen should be set back to avoid eye-strain (not to mention peanut butter-covered fingers). A children's computer table should include tracks to collect and hide all of the cables.

Corner shelving in a kids room is a great way to utilize dead space. It's a perfect place to build shelves each one in a different color to brighten up the room.

Through our research, we have found an extensive collection of what we feel to be the best children's shelves, bookcases, and furniture available. Keep reading and see if you find what you're looking for.

Children's Bookcases

Appreciation of books and possessions begins with taking proper care of them. Your kids will learn to respect their stuff when they are given the responsibility to put them away properly. Well-designed shelves allow your kids to store their things, while at the same time be able to see them and get to them easily.
Take a look at all the bookcases that we found, and why we think they're great, and how they'll help to organize your kid's room.

Children's Desks and Computer Tables

A good desk is important for developing proper study habits and also learning to keep things in order. We've found a great selection of writing desks and computer tables that are designed for kids. You'll find a great selection that include shelves, drawers and cubby holes all designed with storage and organization in mind. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and models that will satisfy your needs and also please your kids.

Building Your Own Children's Shelves

Of course, you might not find the exact children's shelf that you had in mind for your home. You might want to consider building the shelf yourself. We have a whole section on how to easily build your own children's shelves, as well as available plans, tools and lots of info. Take a look at our page on building your own children's shelf.

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