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How To Organize Your Child's Stuff

Kids today have so much. Books, toys, games, stuffed animals, electronics, puzzles, all of which need to be stored somewhere. You need good children's bookcases. The problem is that if you store these things away, or on a high shelf, they'll soon be forgotten. We've found with our own kids that their favorite toy one month loses its popularity, and then is rediscovered sometime in the future. This whole process of rediscovery is helped by having the toys available and visible. If the toys get stored away, forget about it.

Children's bookcases actually fill a couple of roles. First of all, of course, they provide storage and display for books. Secondly, they are usually used for storage for toys and games in addition to the books, and thirdly, they are decorative and add color to the room. A good kids bookcase will look great in the room, and it'll help you to keep the room in order.

The shelves should be at the right height for kids. If they are too high then you are the one who will be tidying them. If they are too deep then toys and other things will get buried at the back, not to be seen for a long time. Drawers are great for storing small things like art supplies, but you can expect them to get stuffed with papers and junk if you aren't constantly reorganizing them. Baskets and boxes on shelves work equally well, but the advantage is that kids can see their things more easily.

When looking for childrens shelves and bookcases, bright colors, cool shapes, and easy accessibility are all elements that you'll find in a good shelf unit for kids.

Where To Find Childrens Shelves

Wall Mounted Bookshelves and Display Shelves

You can successfully utilize the walls in your kid's room for bookstorage and display. This is great for keeping your child's books visible and accessible. A few small wall-mounted bookshelves around the room add a lot of practical storage space in an attractive and inviting way. These wall mounted childrens bookshelves tell your kids that books are important, and are always available for reading. Click on the above link and on the same page you'll find some wonderful children's shelves in great styles and colors for displaying pictures, dolls and other collectibles. Mix and match display shelves and book shelves in your kid's room and you'll have solved a lot of storage problems.

Floor Based Bookshelves and Display Shelves

Moving from wall-mounted to floor-based shelves, you have a lot of great ways to store stuff and organize your kid's rooms.

The first type of floor-based shelving that we think is worthwhile is book displays. The advantage of a well designed book display is that the books are all immediately visible and accessible. There's no searching through stacks of books in order to find that one that he or she MUST read before agreeing to go to sleep. A book display may well be recommended by psychologists promoting parental sanity!

Depending on the room available, you can choose between smaller and larger book display units, as well as single sided or double sided diplays. There are canvas-walled displays, or full wood ones.We found a good variety of

children's book displays that include colorful ones with rainbow and animal themes, as well as some units on wheels. Let the good times roll! (sorry.)

When we get to the more traditional bookcases, there are 2 types. Bookcases only made for books, and bookcases designed to be for general storage as well. Bookcases fall into another 2 categories, traditional wood shelves and decorated ones.

Traditional wood bookcases for kids rooms tend to be shorter than regular bookcases, and they are available in a variety of primary colors, in addition to natural wood colors. Most of the units seen here are also available in a range of colors. Read the details of each unit to find out. We found units in red, white, black, blue, as well as natural wood colors.

Decorated children's bookshelves come in a wide and wonderfully imaginative range of styles and motifs. You can find shelves designed like a barn, firehouse, circus, dollhouse, puzzle and even combined with a real tent!

On another site, we found a wide variety of colorful and creative children's bookcases including flower, tea party, moon and stars, butterflies and also animal motifs. Many of these units are also stackable, so you can add on more. Also, on both sites you can find units that are tall and narrow, and others that are wide and short, to fit the room that you have available.

Another type of decorated shelving is a children's decorated revolving bookcase.

We like these because they're a lot of fun, they're colorful and they're interactive. They come with bookends as well with spaces for inserting personal photos.

Many bookshelves combine shelving for books with storage shelving. This might be a better solution if you want to provide easier access to toys, games and other things in addition to the books.

These bookcases differ from the regular ones. Instead of having regular long bookshelves, these units are divided into cubes. This way, you can decide which cubes are for books and which are for storage. Along with the unit, you can order a variety of storage baskets which fit into the cubes. You can mix and match the colors of the baskets to match the rest of the furniture and the colors of the room. Like in the regular bookshelves, children's cube bookshelves are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs (including a great one with 2 cube stacks and a reading bench in the middle) and great kid's colors.

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Princess Bookcase

The Princess Bookcase is the ideal space for your little princess to keep all of her treasured stories about far away places. Features: Stylish Princess pink finish with gold leaf and crown detailing. Generous three-tier storage.

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