Here's a great example of simple innovation and a little creativity. Our neighborhood was built all at the same time, around 10 years ago. We and our neighbors all moved into very similar homes, and started to do renovations.

The developer did the same silly thing under the stairs in every home. He enclosed the space behind plaster walls, but he didn't leave any access to this valuable storage area. Everyone realized that it would be a waste not to use it somehow. We all cut out a piece of the plasterboard, but everyone else closed the space with doors. Here's where woodworking and imagination helped us out.

I designed and built this 5 shelf bookcase, specifically designed for paperback books. I put it on casters, built a lip around it that extends beyond the edge of the bookcase, and created a combination bookcase/hidden door!

Now we have an attractive, functional unit that cost us the same as if we'd enclosed the space with doors, while at the same time we take advantage of the depth of the wall.

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