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The Story Behind the Home Shelving Guide Website

A whole website just on shelves and shelving solutions for homes? There can't possibly be enough to write about can there? Who'd want to read it anyway?

It turns out that shelves is a topic close to the heart of many. All kinds of shelves from functional, plain wood ones to designer shelves made to look like actual tree branches.

We started this site because we couldn't find the kind of information we wanted about shelves for our home. We're a regular family with two work-from-home parents (Joel and Debbie) and four kids who range in age from 14 down to 5. This website is fast becoming our fifth baby.

We began by looking for bookshelves for the kids' rooms and progressed to hunting down solutions for toy shelves, bathroom shelves, kitchen shelves, wall units, folding shelves and plenty of other kinds of shelving. It seemed like as soon as we found a solution to one storage or display crisis, another one turned up to take its place.

Joel has always been good with his hands and his woodworking hobby came in very useful as we began to design our own storage solutions. He planned and built the hidden bookcase in our dining room, shelves for the kids and is working on a loft bed for our eldest which stands on a series of separate bookshelves and drawers.

As we found our own answers, we realised two things: First, most people take shelves for granted, and second, shelves are no less furniture than a couch or table.

Beautiful paintings are enhanced by beautiful frames and beautiful shelves (or even just interesting ones!) can add immeasurably to the books, collections and treasures they hold.

We love the "wow factor" of seeing a well-designed and creative shelving solution that really enhances the room - whether it's a gorgeous living room or simply the out-of-sight laundry room. Shelves matter. They make our lives easier and more clutter-free. And that has to be a good thing.

The Home-Shelving-Guide offers you thoughtful and innovative ideas to help you maximize every nook and cranny in your home. We have solutions for everyone in the family from preschoolers to students in dorms and growing families with too much stuff and not enough places to put everything.

We'll guide you to great places to shop, show you how to build your own shelving and even how to give your existing shelves a makeover to save money.

While Joel is the one who tests new ideas, brainstorms articles, and deals with the more practical side of things, Debbie works more on the business, research and content end. She's the one who searches online for the most ingenious and innovative answers. She's the one who knows a bargain when she sees it and she's the one who's writing this!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. We'd also love to get any photos of your own original shelving ideas. Please contact us.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the rest of our site.

Joel and Debbie Benstein


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