TV Top Shelves

A great space-saving shelf for a DVD player, pictures, knick knacks or a speaker.

TV top shelves convert the top of your TV into an attractive and efficient space for storage and display. The top of a TV always seems to collect stuff. If you're organized then you put nice trinkets or pictures, if not, then like the rest of us you leave the remote controls there. There isn't really a lot of space there, and it's never really arranged well. It's also unsightly. Here's a great way to organize the top of your TV.

A TV top shelf rests on the top of your TV, with adjustable legs in the back to make the shelf level and stable. The back of the shelf remains high enough above the TV to allow proper ventilation. these units come in single and double layers, the second shelf allowing you to put a DVD or VCR in the middle and other things on the top (even the remote controls).

With the advent of surround sound home cinemas, these units are perfect for a center channel speaker. The center speaker is called the dialogue speaker. You don't want to see someone speaking on the screen and hear their voice behind you, so the dialogue speaker should be as close to the TV as possible. The best results are when the center speaker is placed either directly above or below the screen. If you're adventurous you can balance the speaker on the narrow ledge of the TV, otherwise, we recommend a TV top shelf.

Where To Find TV Top Shelves

We've found some really nice examples on the internet. Here's an affordable and efficient TV top shelf made of quality material. It will provide you with ample space necessary for the center speaker, VCR or DVD, or for anything else that you'd like to position on top of your TV set. The back legs adjust to fit any TV.

Another option is this double-decker unit with 2 shelves and rounded back edge.

These units are only designed to fit on top of regular CRT TVs. They won't fit on a flat screen TV or inside a cabinet.

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