TV Swivel Shelves

Putting a new spin on TV watching

TV swivel shelves give you the flexibility in TV watching that you've been missing. By placing your TV on a swivel base you can adjust it with just one finger to the angle that's best for viewing. This isn't only a one time adjustment!

TV swivel In our house, the TV is spun back and forth throughout the day depending on the angle of the sun, the angle of the kids, and whether we're ironing clothes on the other side of the room.

Not only are you limited to turning your TV. Take a look at this 5-tier wooden swivel TV stand. with a space for the VCR/DVD, as well as 3 shelves for discs and tapes. This unit is available in a choice of 3 different finishes to match the decor of your room.

If you're not looking for something that big, we've found a tremendous selection of TV turntables that are artistic and classy. They have optional matching VCR/DVD kits too.

When choosing a swivel shelf, make sure that it is big enough for your TV, and has rubber feet on it so that it won't damage your furniture.

A drawback with TV swivel shelves is that they need to be a certain distance away from the wall in order to take advantage of the swivel. Otherwise the back of the TV will hit the wall. If you have the space to move the TV out a bit then great, if not then take a look at TV swivel shelves with extensions.

TV Swivel Shelves With Extensions

The next level up (or out, actually) is a TV swivel shelf that has retractable extension arms.This allows you to pull the tv out, and then turn it. This is a great idea if your TV sits on a deep shelf or inside an entertainment center. When you want to watch TV you can slide the unit out. When you're done the TV slides in and out of the way. These TV swivel shelves with extensions are rated by the weight and size of your TV. Make sure you get one that's strong enough. Also, if you have a heavy TV, when you slide it out it puts a lot of pressure on the furniture unit it's attached to. You'll want to make sure that the furniture is either heavy enough or anchored if you don't want the whole thing to tip over.

If you want to hide the swivel mount, you can order a custom made top shelf for the swivel mount. This shelf is made of hard wood and left unfinished, so you can match it to the shelving around your TV. You can mount it inside a cabinet, and slide the TV out when you want to watch. This is definitely a stylish way to have a swivel and extension unit while hiding it under a finished base.

Not enough for you? "But," you say, "I still have to actually get up in order to turn the TV!" Fear not, we come to your rescue with a motorized TV swivel. The ultimate couch potato add on. It swivels 180 degrees. Not only that, we wouldn't want to to have to go to the effort of switching to a separate remote control, No! This swivel actually works with any TV remote control. You can become a couch potato with roots!

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Horizon Swivel TV Stand

Features: -Holds up to a 27" TV -Handy swivel base for ease of viewing -Roomy shelves hold CDs, DVDs, and other media -Room for a VCR or DVD player -Sturdy -Made from durable, stain resistant wood laminate -Wood finish available in black, cherry, and oak .

Clear Glass Plasma TV Swivel

Features: -Stopper system -Extra-thick 12mm glass -Tempered glass -Overall Dimensions: 28" x 15".

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