TV Stands and Shelves

A guide to TV shelf solutions for every room in your home

Everyone's looking for TV stands and shelves, but most people couldn't really tell you the differences between all of the options that are out there. Since there are so many choices available, in every imaginable style, we've narrowed down the options for a TV stand or TV shelf into four main categories. If you have no idea where to start we can help you to move in the right direction. Even if you already know what you're looking for, it's worth it to take a look at what's available, you might be surprised!

Corner TV Shelves

A very popular and fashionable solution for your TV. By placing your TV in the corner of the room, you save space and change the whole focus of the room. We've done all the research on corner TV shelves, see what we've found.

TV Swivel Shelves

When you want to easily turn your TV from one side to the other. There are units that include a shelf for the VCR too. Check out the motorized swivel for the ultimate in couch-potato nirvana.

Wall Mounted TV Shelves

A Wall Mounted TV shelf frees up your floor and keeps your precious TV away from sticky fingers. It's great in a kitchen or bedroom. /p>

TV Top Shelves

Take advantage of that unused space on top of your TV. It's perfect for knick-knacks, VCRS, and also the center speaker of your surround-sound home theater system.

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