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February 4, 2007 - Floating on Air - and Falling to Earth

Well, the floating shelves are done. But they're not actually up on the wall yet. One was, but for the life of him, my hubby couldn't get it to stay straight. You have no idea how many times he used his trusty spirit level, this way and that, to straighten it out. But no, the darn shelf would not do anything but tilt forward and down.

Frustrating would be a nice way to put it. Eventually, hubby discovered that the problem was not with the shelf itself, but rather with the installation of the hidden bracket. That was the good news. The bad news was that there was nothing to be done but remove the shelf, fix the problem and try again.

Our poor shelf is somewhat the worse for wear (not to say, damaged) from being wrenched from the wall. After that, hubby had to try and detach the hidden bracket from the shelf using a paint scraper and hammer. They don't call it strong glue for nothing.

We've learned a lot from this project, not least of which is that plans and instructions you get from the Internet are not always all they're cracked up to be. Never mind. Once we've finished this project we'll not only be able to tell you exactly how to do it yourselves, we'll also be able to steer you clear of all the problems.

There's no picture this time. It's just too depressing to show you the shelf past its prime. But never fear, soon enough both shelves will be up on the wall and I'll be able to show you how to use them as decorative centerpieces for your living space.

February 21, 2007 - How to Extract More Space for Shelves

The title for this little piece may well get me an award for worst pun one day.

I'm talking about the shelf we added to our extractor fan in the kitchen. It's not the most obvious place to put a shelf but it really works for us. It's high enough above the stove to stay clear of any cooking splashes and it really adds character to that corner of our kitchen.

We used the same wood we used for the kitchen cabinets so that it looks like an integral part of the design.

Don't use this shelf to store your cookery books. It's much too risky to reach up over a hot flame to get them. Instead, use this shelf as a decorative accent. We added a chef who somewhat resembles my hubby, and some taller bottles which we received as gifts.

The plant pot used to hold a beautiful plant we were given as a house gift. Take it from me; don't bother putting plants above your stove. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, took on new meaning as we saw the plant slowly wilting away.

Anyway. If you have an extractor fan in your kitchen, consider adding a shelf around it and changing the display every month or two to add interest to your cooking area.

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